Orientation courses

If you’ve recently relocated and are looking to find out more about life here, you might consider taking our orientation courses. Our courses were designed to help anyone who has recently arrived to adjust to everyday life and have the right information about for a better life.

All about learning the German Language

All about the German Social system

All about the German School System for from Kindergarten to University

All about the German financial System

All About securing a career in Germany

Are you a victim of domestic violence? What you should know

AMD Masterclasses

We offer courses or seminars on various aspects of life in Germany ranging from finance, language, business, social issues and much more. All designed to benefit you and provide you with as much information as possible. If you would like to be updated anytime we have these courses. Kindly sign up here for our newsletter to update you.

AMD Language Courses

Our support group offers German language courses to members to enable members to improve their grasp of the language. These courses are heavily subsidized and in high demand. Kindly fill the form below so that we can contact you when a space becomes available.


Experiencing an emergency and adjusting to life in a new place can be a stressful situation, no matter where you are. Our helpline provides an anonymous, confidential, and secure place for support and information about resources and organisations that help migrants in Germany.

Help Directory

There are a range of different organisations and agencies who are responsible for assisting migrants in different aspects of daily life in Germany. Our directory lists all the organisations that assist migrants in Germany. Find them here


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