Many people complain bitterly about not being given the opportunity to get a Bildungsgutschein. This can be extremely frustrating especially when one desperately wants to get on with building their career. Unfortunately, The Agentur für Arbeit or Jobcenter is not legally obliged to grant you a Bildungsgutschein; it’s decided on a case-by-case basis. However, it is their mission to get you back into the job market, so if you come well-prepared for your appointment, the odds are very much in your favour. So, in this article let us discuss the various mistakes people make that may make their application unsuccessful.

Not doing their homework 

Do your homework about the course, the institution offering the course, as well as the Jobcenter/ Agentur für Arbeit.

Make appointments in the different educational organizations that offer the course you wish to properly educate yourself on the options available to you. If possible, attend the free prep prep courses , introductory courses and boot camps they make have to know more about these courses.

Mistakes when choosing an organisation to study with

It is important to choose the right organisation to study with. Some organisations have a very good reputation with the Jobcenter/ Agentur für Arbeit. Be sure to ask your chosen organisation about their relationship with these offices.

Here are some of the things you should be take note of:

  • Are they certified?The educational provider must have the “Anerkennungs- und Zulassungsverordnung Arbeitsförderung (AZWV)”.What is the The vocational identification number (Berufskennzahl) and measure number (Maßnahmennummer) for your chosen course.
  • Pick organizations that have a dedicated person who can advise you and support you to obtain a bildungsgutschein.
  • How do they support you in your Job search after the course and during the course? Do they have offers for practicum and on the job training?
  • Check if they can they give you an offer?

Mistakes concerning your Appointment with Agentur für Arbeit/ Jobcenter

Try to get an in-person appointment and make sure you prepare for your appointment.

Things you should bring along:

  • Up-to-date copy of your CV 
  • If possible offer from the educational institution.
  • Information on the training provider
  • Information on the desired course, including job ads and employment stats
  • Proof of registration and ID
  • The vocational identification number (Berufskennzahl) and measure number (Maßnahmennummer) for your chosen course.

Things to note in order to make a good case.

  • Prove unemployment will be ended with training. Provide evidence of how actively you have been trying to get out of unemployment. For example, different job applications you have done. Job Fairs you have attended etc
  • Prove that taking your desired course increases the chances of professional integration and how show it will improve your career prospects.
  • Prove that the profession in high demand. You can do this by providing Job ads and statistics.
  • Highlight the kinds of opportunities you’ll be able to access once you’ve taken the course and explain why you want to enter this field. 
  • Demonstrate continuity between your professional background and the course you intend to take. 

What to do if your application for a Bildungsgutschein is rejected?

Has your education voucher been rejected even though you meet certain criteria? You can lodge an objection within one month in accordance with the law § 84 Abs.1 S.1 SGG. This must be written and directed to the office where the rejection came from.

 When you do so it is always a good idea to present unsuccessful application efforts and demonstrate that you have even applied outside the usual search radius.

If the authority also rejects your objection, it may make sense to apply for again at a later date.

Other funding opportunities

Sometimes the budgets are exhausted or the chemistry between consultant and applicant is not right. In any case, there are other options if your application proves unsuccessful.


With the Vermittlungsgutschein, also known as the Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein (AVGS), the unemployed have the opportunity for coaching or qualification measures. This is not equivalent to retraining, but it can still increase job opportunities. The employment agency or Job center also bears the costs.


The Bildungsprämie is available to employees with low incomes (no more than 20,000 euros per year). You must work at least 15 hours a week to be entitled to the education bonus. You will then receive up to 50 percent of the training costs , but a maximum of 500 euros in total.


This is similar to an Bildungsgutschein and Bildungsprämie, but it is something different: The Bildungscheckis a grant from some federal states. In some cases, this runs under alternative names such as  “ Weiterbildungsbonus“  or “Quali-Scheck“  Since the federal states bear the costs, they determine the respective conditions – i.e. the amount of funding and target group.

It can be roughly said that support is provided for employees who make social security contributions. Depending on the situation, there may also be funding opportunities for trainees, freelancers or low-skilled workers.

This link from karrieretutor.de also provides other funding options.

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